Typical Applications

Typical Applications Using Membrane Filtration

Axium Process operates across a wide range of industries and routinely carries out trials for a diverse range of applications.  Typical applications include dilute sugar stream concentration, dye stuff desalting and concentration, process waste water and waste volume minimisation, effluent treatment, precursor purification, final filtration of bottled water, recovery of cleaning chemicals, enzyme concentration and purification, clarification of fruit juice and quarg cheese production.

  • Cider and beer tank bottoms
  • Clarification and purification of fruit juice
  • Final filtration of bottled water
  • Animal and vegetable processing waste recycling
Chemical / Textile
  • Commercial laundry effluent recovers and recycling
  • Dyehouse effluent separation and recycling
  • Recovery of cleaning chemicals
  • Separation of produced oily waters
  • Casein recovery
  • Quarg cheese production
  • Sugar stream separation and concentration
  • Whey Protein separation and concentration
  • Yogurt production
  • Bioactive product reocvery
  • Collagen seperation and concentration
  • Desalting of process streams
  • Organic compounds purification and concentration
  • Protein purification
  • Volume reduction technique prior to evaporation.
  • Collagen separation and concentration
  • Enzyme concentration and purification
  • Fermentation broth clarification
  • Organism concentration by physical means
  • Precursor purification
  • Solvent & Aqueous phases
Waste Water Recovery and Treatment
  • Animal and vegetable processing waste
  • Condensate upgrade for reuse
  • Heavy metal removal from process streams
  • Leachate separation and concentration
  • Potential product recovery
  • Recovery & reuse of waste water
  • Separation of suspended solids
  • Removal of Waste from Water Streams

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