Bio-Pharm & Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutical fabrication and system solutions

Axium Process specialises in hygienic engineering design and the fabrication of high quality stainless steel equipment and components for the pharmaceutical and bio-pharm industries.

Our capabilities range from pharmaceutical pipework fabrication and component customisation up to high end-pharmaceutical process equipment and systems including membrane filtration systems designed for applications such as fermentation broth clarification, collagen separation and concentration and enzyme concentration and purification.

By working closely with our customers and in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), each stage of an order is closely tracked by a dedicated engineer to ensure that the customer’s requirements are fully complied with ensuring the best possible value for money in terms of design, fabrication, quality and delivery.

Quality, Testing, Inspection, validation

As a  key supplier of bespoke hygienic engineering design, fabrication and system solutions to the pharmaceutical and bio-pharm industries, Axium Process has invested heavily in comprehensive inspection facilities and testing procedures to meet the stringent validation requirements for the most demanding of applications.

Axium Process is routinely asked to supply full traceability dossiers that could typically include:

  • Full materials certification
  • Full Ra testing and certification
  • Boroscope direct view and video records of each weld
  • Weld maps and weld logs
  • Dye penetrant testing
  • Radiography
  • Pressure testing to 110 bar
  • Nitric acid or citric acid passivation to ASTM A967
  • Ferroxyl testing and certification
  • TSE certification
  • Mechanical and electrochemical marking options
  • Ultrasonic cleaning and vacuum packing
  • Mechanical and electrochemical marking
  • Full Ra testing and certification
  • Pickling, passivation and ferroxyl certification
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